"California's 2924 statutory scheme on these nonjudicial foreclosures have gone off the rails!   It's a big green light to greed-driven rogue racketeering schemes;  dispossessing people of our very homes, under "color of law,"  by FRAUD.   There's no due process here:  families end up homeless.  In the light of day for all to see.  


IT'S WRONG.   No wonder they rejected being paid off - they don't need money - they want to steal the land and house, no matter the misery and total material devastation to Californians who built this state!   NO to California's Foreclosure Machine."

Renee Ramos Yamagishi ~ homeowner, mother and  
grandmother, defending
her rights by law to her family home of four generations, so she can provide for herself and her family.   A reasonable responsible woman, in lawful possession of her home, she comes in honor and truth.
Updates here in due time.